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China Acrylamide And Potassium Acrylate Copolymer manufacturers
QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent polymers are widely used in modern agriculture, environmental protection, gardening, food, medical and other industries, with its superior quality to win the recognition of domestic and foreign customers.

QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent application in medicine
What’s the superabsorbent?
Retaining agents using high water-absorbent resin, it is a kind of water absorbing capacity particularly strong functional polymer materials. Harmless, repeatedly releasing water, absorb water, agriculture  people compare it to " micro-reservoirs ". Meanwhile, it also can absorb fertilizers, pesticides, and slow-release, increased efficiency and efficacy. High water-absorbent resin is widely used in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, building materials ; In industry can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, cables, paper, sensors, fire-fighting appliances, fiber products, cosmetics, toys, food  preservation, expansion, and so on.
Drought is the events of the world. This century, 50 years since with the rapid development of industry and the rapid  expansion of population, climate warming, drought has become increasingly  prominent. These problems prompted the scientists to begin research on  effective methods to solve the drought problem.
Water absorption principle
Water absorption of Superabsorbent polymers the same principle in General QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbents , Is Polymer Electrolyte  molecular chain amide group in the water and / Carboxyl group Like charges repel  to molecular chain expansion and due to Crosslinking Limit the expansion  of molecular chain of interactions. A case study of polyacrylamide, Super  absorbent polymer has a lot of amide and carboxy hydrophilic, resin composition of  internal ions and radicals associated with aqueous concentration of the osmotic  pressure difference and polymer Electrolyte  affinity and can be a lot of water uptake and water until the concentration  difference diQUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbentpears. Control QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent reached a  satisfactory degree of rubber elasticity. Molecular structure ofCrosslinking degree of higher, stronger rubber elastic and rubber elastic and hydraulic balancing  point is its apparent ability to absorb water.
Due to the molecular structure of cross-linked molecular network by water  drawn out cannot use physical methods to water retention.
Thus, similarly composed of polymers Degree of Crosslinking The lower water absorption ratio is relatively higher, less water  retention, stability and strength, and vice versa.Therefore, international use  for a longer period of Super absorbent natural high Crosslinking degree , does not pursue high water absorbency and rate. A case study of  polyacrylamide and its apparent rate is not high, water absorption rate varies  widely depending on the particle size, strength after high water absorbent, a  certain shape, easy to collapse, to soil, water reversibility good  absorption. Super absorbent polymer mixed with ground 5 to 15 centimeters, so  there is more emphasis on the international water absorbency at elevated  pressure. According to particle size, polyacrylamide-water absorption ratio 150-300.
Product features
1、Nontoxic . Safety and  environmental protection, nonpoisonous and tasteless, not polluting plants, soil and groundwater, and flowers of fruit trees, reforestation, soil-less  cultivation, plant preservation, transport, field crops, such as.
Soil QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent and non-agent of soil erosion to the final decomposition products are carbon dioxide, water, ammonia, nitrogen and sodium  or potassium ions, no residues.
2、Moisture, water . Can effectively inhibit evaporation, prevent soil erosion, even under  irrigated conditions, still water 50% More than.
3、And improving soil structure . Heavy soil, sand and leaking fertilizer secondary saline soil improvement . While promoting soil Microbe growth, improve the efficiency of use of soil organic matter turnover.
4、Long service life . Set properties of various polymers, water swelling and can be used  repeatedly to release contracted, used in the production life of up to 6 Years, is currently the longest service life of soil  moisture products on the market.
5、Water absorption speed . Natural water absorption capacity for a maximum time of about 15-40 Minutes, the fastest 0.4 Minutes.
6、Water and fertilizer utilization rate . Land QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent on soil formed in " Small reservoir " Accept  fertilization, irrigation ( Or rain ) Decreasing the leaching loss of trace elements 1/3 And protecting the environment ; When a drought again, took a QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent to make the surrounding soil is kept moist , To supply water by  plant roots . Even in desert areas and the extreme dry weather, and annual rainfall of 200mm Shi, and grass planting.
7、Water does not rot suction foot water retaining  agent molecules become Water gel Crystals, even  close to the plant roots do not rot.
8 Stable performance even in extreme drought, will not  draw water.
QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent application in Cooling Paste
Can absorb hundreds of times to thousands of its own weight of water,  nontoxic, harmless and pollution-free; exceptionally strong water absorbing  capacity, water retention ability of high moisture absorption cannot be  squeezed out by simple physical methods, and can be repeatedly releasing water,  water absorption. Is a dissolved in water, oil, after the cross-linking  reaction produces a strong adhesive effect and form a Hydrogel polymer, so is  ideal for topical patches of matrix material. In Japan, Showa electrical  production of part in the and polypropylene acid sodium was widely application  Yu Bubba agent ( by skin to drug posted, and beauty  health posted, and quit posted, and weight loss posted, and contraceptive  posted and so on), and mask, and cosmetics in the,  compared General Ming rubber, and seaweed acid sodium, and completely  neutralization of polypropylene acid sodium, traditional matrix raw materials,  Showa electrical of NP Products in the effect of  adhesion, stability, repeated opening has a very distinct advantage.
QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent specification
S size QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent
Name: potassium polyacrylate
English name: Potassium polyacrylate
CAS Number: 25608-12-2
Molecular formula: (C3H6O2)N(C3H5KO2)M
Molecular weight: not sure, belongs to the polymer.
A The goods (classy): particles S
Retainsupport® s -Technical parameters
Implementation of standardsGB NY  886-2016
Product appearanceTranslucent  white uniform small granules
Particle size (%)16 ~80 mesh ≥90%Size of 0.18~1.2mm
Deionized water   absorption ratio (g/g)500 ~600Water filtration
Water absorption   (g/g)≥ 150Water filtration
After water   absorptionPaste gel
PH6.0 ~8.0PHMeter Method
Packaging   specificationsKraft paper bags, lined with polyethylene film packaging, bag 25kg
Shelf lifeIndoor storage of moisture-proof light 3years
Solid content≥90%
Active ingredient   content of products≥99%
Range of applicationUsed on  agriculture and forestry soil water retention, soil, crops, soil-less planting, seed, nursery stock transplanting, dip, fertilizer   additives and so on
M size QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent
Retainsupport® M -Technical parameters
Implementationof  standardsGB NY 886-2016
Product appearanceTranslucent  white uniform particles
Particle size (%)10 ~16 ≥90%Diameter 1.2~2mm
Deionized water absorption    ratio (g/g)450 ~550Water filtration
Water absorption (g/g)≥ 130Water filtration
After water absorptionFormation of high strength and toughness
Strong gel  State
PH6.0 ~8.0PH meter  method
Packaging specificationsKraft  paper bags, lined with polyethylene film packaging,  bag 25kg
Shelf lifeIndoor  storage of moisture-proof light 3years
Solid content≥90%
Active ingredient content of  products≥99%
Range of applicationFor  agricultural and forestry soil water retention andcrops, transplant seedlings, fertilizer etc.
L size QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent
Retainsupport® L -Technical parameters
Implementation of standardsGB NY 886-2016
Product appearanceTranslucent white particle
Particle size (%)2 ~10 ≥90%Size 2 ~ 10mm
Deionized water absorption    ratio (g/g)400 ~500Water filtration
Water absorption (g/g)≥ 100Water filtration
After water absorptionFormation of high strength and toughness
Strong gel State
PH6.0 ~8.0PH Meter Method
Packaging specificationsKraft paper bags, lined with polyethylene film packaging, bag 25kg
Shelf lifeIndoor storage of moisture-proof light 3years
Solid content≥90%
Active ingredient content of products≥99%
Range of applicationSpecial  QUANSEN retainsupport® superabsorbent normal used on fruit trees and can remain for 2~
【 storage 】
The original product shall be kept sealed.Storage environments should be a cool, dry and ventilated, at room temperature for 10 ~ 40 ℃.Special precautions should be taken to prevent product absorption.
In accordance with the specified storage conditions, the original packaging products can be stable for at least 12 months.
【 packing 】
25kg composite paper bag /750kg pallet OR customer demand.China Acrylamide And Potassium Acrylate Copolymer manufacturers

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