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Airflow Dryer
Pulse air steam dryer Introduction
Pulse air stream dryer is one kind of momentary dry. It is solid in the dilute phase conveying fluidization in dry applications, the Act is to enable the heating medium (mostly hot air)and dry solid particles to be in direct contact and do to be solid particles suspended in fluid, thus two-phase contact area big, and strengthens the process of heat and mass transfer. It widely used for King-like materials in the drying unit operation.

Technical Parameters
Air filterArea (m2)46183660
Exchange time (h)200 (Filter bag)200 (Filter bag)200 (Filter bag)200 (Filter bag)200 (Filter bag)
HeaterArea (m2)3043186365940
Consume of steam (kg)1202354509722430
Work pressure (Mpa)0.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.8
Material chargerAmount of transportation (kg/h)15029072517404350
Control modeElectromagnetic speed motorElectromagnetic speed motorElectromagnetic speed motorElectromagnetic speed motorElectromagnetic speed motor
Power (kw)0.61.1337.5
Cyclone separatorModelCLK-350-400CLK-500-450ZF12.5ZF12.5
Bag filterConsume of gas (m3/h)0.4-3.6
This parameter is suitable for 200 ℃ air 75 ℃ parameters for reference, different materials need engineers and technicians to design! Please do not apply this!

The air is filtered and enters the air heater. The heated hot air is fed to the bottom of the air stream and accelerated into a high-velocity air flow through the venture tube, in contact with the wet material added by the feeder on the venture tube Shear, collision, speed change and a series of processes, and ultimately, the air will pass the heat to the material in the wet, wet enough after the heat phase change occurs, and was taken away by the air, the mixture of dried material and air after Cyclones and high-voltage pulse bag dust remover collect, exhaust emissions by the ventilator.

Features of Pulse air steam dryer
•High thermal efficiency, thermal efficiency of some materials up to 70%, short drying time (2-3 seconds drying time), can be used for drying of heat-sensitive materials.
•For loose lumps of material, you can add to strengthen the crushing mechanism, a wide range of applications.
•For more difficult to dry material can be added cyclone tower, enhanced gas-solid heat transfer time!
•Drying equipment is simple, tight Ling, small size, large capacity, large capacity (stand-alone can handle the largest coal: 60 tons / hour).
•Easy operation, airflow drying system, the drying, crushing, screening, transportation and other unit processes combined operation, process and easy automatic control.

Product advantages
According to the standard manufacturing process to ensure product quality
The company specializes in technology and specializes in quality
Companies tailor-made for their customers
Use high quality materials to produce high quality products

Our Service
1.Fast response to after-sales service - One to one engineer technical support.
2.Adhering to the consistent service concept and spirit
3.Provide customers with better product information, industry trends, technical support.
4.Provide excellent after-sales service for the use of the product.Airflow Dryer

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