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Frankfurt Abrsives Brushes
Diamond Frankfurt brushes for marble surface brushing

1. Product description of Diamond Frankfurt Brushes
Diamond Frankfurt Brushes is an abrasives brushes with diamond filaments as working part and plastic frankfurt-shape base for matt surface making, diamond grits in different meshes are used on the filament to make aggressive brushing on marble and other natural stones. It is with much more brushing capacity than silicon carbide brushes and more expensive in cost as well.
2. Product Specification of Diamond Abrasive Brushes for Marble
Product NameAbrasive FilamentInstallationGrit SizePackageBrush Application
Diamond Frankfurt
Abrasives Antique
BrushesDiamondRegular or Reinforced36#,46#,60#,80#,
400#,500#36pcs/CartonAntique Surface or
Honed Surface Making
3. Product Application of Frankfurt brushes for marble
Diamond brushes for marble is used on automatic polishing lines, bridge automatic polishing machine or manual polishing machine with frankfurt abrasive polishing heads, for making matt surface, honed surface and other antique surface making.
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