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China Polishing Pads
Diameter:3'',4'',5'' are available
Stone available:concrete,terrazzo for transitioning
The Flexible copper pad Flexural Technology with a matrix of high quality abrasive diamonds bonded with a proprietary mix of various metals and resins designed for high flexibility, long life, exceptional durability, and incomparable scratch removal.  The Flexible PAD are designed to provide excellent flexibility to reach the bottom of low spots (dips) in the substrates surface allowing for a more consistent matrix of scratch pattern, refinement & color of the substrate. The face design also provides maximum surface contact area to reduce the time needed for the operator to reach maximum refinement within each step, so the operator can increase their forward pace while reducing labor. The face design is also outstanding for channeling slurry or dust away from the tooling to keep the consistency of high performance tooling.  The manufacturing process ensures even distribution of abrasives through the bond adding to the longevity and performance of the tooling.
Benefits & Applications
The Copper resin polishing pad is an excellent first cut tool on new substrates & transitional diamond generally used between aggressive metal tooling and higher grit resin bond tools.  These Pads are unsurpassed in fine scratch pattern & scratch removal usually caused by aggressive metals commonly used in the first few steps of the polishing process. The Flexible Resin is also an excellent choice where very little or no aggregate should be exposed.  The flexibility of the pad follows the contour of the surface making it an ideal.China Polishing Pads

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